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This research aims to build a Wireless Technology Enhanced Classroom (WiTEC) that supports everyday activities unobtrusively and seamlessly in classroom contexts. This paper describes the integration of wireless LAN, wireless mobile learning devices, an electronic whiteboard, an interactive classroom server, and a resource and class management server to(More)
A mechanical effect is one of the important reasons for plant diversity, whose phenotype is crooked branch. Parametric curve equation, or skeleton extraction from image or video, or interactive design is often used to simulate branch bending. These methods generally could not dynamically demonstrate the process of deformation caused by stress. Moreover,(More)
The genetic basis of stomatal conductance (g s), net photosynthetic rate (P N), and transpiration rate (E) was explored by using a wheat doubled haploid population from a cross of Hanxuan10 and Lumai 14. The above three traits were evaluated in wheat flag leaves at 10, 20, 30 days after anthesis under drought stress (DS) and well-watered (WW), and(More)
Automobile industry requires 100% inspection of every electronic component used. If a wire bonding device has a failure rate of 1ppm, it would have the consequence of 15 of 1000 cars would fail. In this paper, we propose a method for tracing and inspecting 3D wire loops in a sealed semiconductor device using X-ray CT. 3D primitives are detected in(More)
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