H. Y. Lin

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to compare vertical ground reaction forces walking overground with vertical foot-belt forces for treadmill gait. METHODS Twenty-four subjects walked overground and on a treadmill at three speeds (slow, normal, and fast), and at comparable cadences and stride length at each of the speeds. Treadmill and overground(More)
Spatial databases have been increasingly and widely used in recent years. The R-tree proposed by Guttman is probably the most popular dynamic index structure for eciently retrieving objects from a spatial database according to their spatial locations. However, experiments show that only about 70% storage utilization can be achieved in Guttman's R-tree and(More)
In order to meet the clinical requirements of spine surgery, this paper proposes the fabrication of the customized template for spine surgery through computer-aided design. A 3D metal printing-selective laser melting (SLM) technique was employed to directly fabricate the 316L stainless steel template, and the metal template with tiny locating holes was used(More)
The aim of this study was twofold: first, to delineate the underlying motives of the act of presenteeism and develop suitable measures for both the motives and the behavioral manifestation of the act; second, to systematically examine work and health consequences of the act of presenteeism in a Chinese work context. Using structured questionnaires, we(More)
Purpose – The aim of this study was twofold: first, to examine the noxious effects of presenteeism on employees' work well-being in a cross-cultural context involving Chinese and British employees; second, to explore the role of supervisory support as a pan-cultural stress buffer in the presenteeism process. Design/methodology/approach – Using structured(More)
Available online xxxx a b s t r a c t Vertical thin-GaN LED was successfully fabricated on the GaN LED epi-layers grown on the patterned-sapphire substrate with the pyramidal pattern by low-temperature Cu/Sn/Ag wafer bonding at 150 °C. An inverted pyramidal pattern formed on the n-GaN surface after the GaN epi-layer was transferred onto Si wafer, which(More)
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