H. Y. Liao

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BACKGROUND Lignocellulose is the most abundant biomass on earth. However, biomass recalcitrance has become a major factor affecting biofuel production. Although cellulose crystallinity significantly influences biomass saccharification, little is known about the impact of three major wall polymers on cellulose crystallization. In this study, we selected six(More)
We describe the fabrication of silicon three dimensional photonic crystals using polymer templates defined by a single step, two-photon exposure through a layer of photopolymer with relief molded on its surface. The resulting crystals exhibit high structural quality over large areas, displaying geometries consistent with calculation. Spectroscopic(More)
MMSP-07 is the ninth international workshop on multimedia signal processing. The workshop is organized by the Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. Organized on the island of Crete, MMSP-07 provides excellent conditions for brainstorming on, and sharing the latest advances in, multimedia signal processing(More)
In limited angle tomography, with applications such as electron microscopy, medical imaging, and industrial testing, the object of interest is scanned over a limited angular range, which is less than the full 180 • mathematically required for density reconstruction. The use of standard full-range reconstruction algorithms produces results with notorious "(More)
Miscanthus is a leading bioenergy candidate for biofuels, and it thus becomes essential to characterize the desire natural Miscanthus germplasm accessions with high biomass saccharification. In this study, total 171 natural Miscanthus accessions were geographically mapped using public database. According to the equation [P(H/L| East) = P(H/L∩East)/P(East)],(More)
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