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Current models to study Legionella pathogenesis include the use of primary macrophages and monocyte cell lines, various free-living protozoan species and murine models of pneumonia. However, there are very few studies of Legionella spp. pathogenesis aimed at associating the role of biofilm colonization and parasitization of biofilm microbiota and release of(More)
The stability of a 1% w/v solution of amoxycillin sodium in normal saline and in glucose (5%) solutions was examined in the liquid and frozen states over the temperature range -26-60 degrees C. It was found that under all conditions amoxycillin sodium was much less stable in glucose (5%) solution. Freezing the solutions markedly reduced amoxycillin sodium(More)
A novel idea of using giant magnetostrictive material (GMM) based actuators for journal bearing control is presented in this paper. Frequency response tests on GMM actuators and a journal bearing system were examined. The performances of the system running at various journal shaft rotational speeds under control were investigated. With the aid of GMM(More)
This paper presents a comparative study between BPM (Brooks, Pope and Marcolini) and TNO (TNO Institute of Applied Physics) models for the prediction of aerofoil trailing-edge noise with particular emphasis on wind-turbine applications. In this work, two enhanced versions of the BPM model are proposed and their performances are compared against two recent(More)
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