H. Y. Fan

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Previous studies have demonstrated that accommodation will respond to sine gratings in which the relative modulations of red, green and blue image components have been altered to simulate the effects of defocus and longitudinal chromatic aberration. The present study aimed to determine the tolerance of the accommodative system to relative phase shifts in(More)
Air pollution emerges as an imminent issue in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong, and attracts much attention in recent years. Prediction of pollutant levels and their tendency is an important topic in environmental science today. To achieve such prediction tasks, the use of neural network (NN), in particular, the multi-layer perceptron, is regarded as a(More)
The differentiation of metaphloem sieve element (MSEs) in the developing caryopsis of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) was a programmed cell semi-death process. We studied the changes of microtubules and polysaccharide contents during MSEs development. Some significant features are presented in MSEs, such as cell wall non-uniform thickening, chromatin(More)
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