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Air pollution has emerged as an imminent issue in modern society. Prediction of pollutant levels is an important research topic in atmospheric environment today. For fulfilling such prediction, the use of neural network (NN), and in particular the multi-layer perceptrons, has presented to be a cost-effective technique superior to traditional statistical(More)
Air pollution emerges as an imminent issue in metropolitan cities like Hong Kong, and attracts much attention in recent years. Prediction of pollutant levels and their tendency is an important topic in environmental science today. To achieve such prediction tasks, the use of neural network (NN), in particular, the multi-layer perceptron, is regarded as a(More)
Although the set of permutation symmetries of a complex network could be very large, few of them give rise to stable synchronous patterns. Here we present a general framework and develop techniques for controlling synchronization patterns in complex network of coupled chaotic oscillators. Specifically, according to the network permutation symmetry, we(More)
Network growth is ubiquitous in nature (e.g., biological networks) and technological systems (e.g., modern infrastructures). To understand how certain dynamical behaviors can or cannot persist as the underlying network grows is a problem of increasing importance in complex dynamical systems as well as sustainability science and engineering. We address the(More)
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