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Air is not the only medium that can spread and can be used to detect speech. In our previous paper, another valuable medium — millimeter wave (MMW) was introduced to develop a new kind of speech acquisition technique [6]. Because of the special features of the MMW radar, this speech acquisition method may provide some exciting possibilities for a wide range(More)
Immunogenicity and relative attenuation were examined for the following Tian Tan strain vaccinia-rabies recombinant viruses: 1) NGc-1, which coexpresses the glycoprotein (G) and nucleocapsid protein (N) of the rabies virus Challenge Virus Standard (CVS) strain; 2) Nc-1, which expresses the CVS N; 3) Gc-2, Gc-3, Gc-4, and Gc-5, which express CVS G via(More)
To evaluate the diagnostic value of three-dimensional echocardiography (3-DE) in congenital heart disease such as atrial septal defect (ASD) by virtual reality (VR), ten ASDs with different size and shape were created in ten fresh explained porcine hearts. HP SONOS 5500 imaging system was employed for 3-DE reconstructed and visualized by virtual reality(More)
A magnetoelectric hysteresis loop measurement system based on dynamic method was built under a demodulation concept with a lock-in amplifier as the high speed demodulator. A measuring speed as fast as 300 ms/point was achieved, and a complete and fluent magnetoelectric hysteresis loop could be obtained within minutes. Results show that the static magnetic(More)
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