H. X. Lin

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High Performance Computing (HPC) has been deened as a key enabling technology for industrial competitiveness. The successful use of parallel computer technology requires the development of techniques to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of software development. In particular in commercial or industrial applications the required parallel(More)
The problem of eecient implementation of an object tracking algorithm for the multi-static frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FM-CW) collision avoidance radar is addressed in the paper. The task of the algorithm is to construct the image of target locations from multiple peak sets that represent radial distances of the targets from the antenna system.(More)
Mining is the basic industry of national economy. Mining development are closely linked with the national economy, and the sustainability of mining development in the entire national economy directly affect the sustainability of the mining industry. Sustainable development of the mining model has become an extremely important issue in our era. This article(More)
Interactions between genes and proteins can be revealed by multiple experimental platforms. The derived interaction networks can be utilized to discover novel genes involved in specific biological process. E-MAP is an experimental platform to measure genetic interactions in a genome-wide scale, which successfully recovered known pathways and also revealed(More)
The population diversity greatly affects the evolutionary efficiency and solution quality of gene expression programming algorithm. Population diversity should be preserved by keeping certain distance between individuals in the population. Edit distance can describe the similarity of individuals well. Crossover is a way to create and maintain the distance(More)