H. X. Lin

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The population structure and genetic variation of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV) isolates were estimated by single-strand conformation polymorphism and nucleotide sequence analyses of the CYSDV coat protein gene. Analysis of 71 isolates collected from Spain, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and North America showed that, from a genetic(More)
  • C Van Reeuwijk, H J Sips, H X Lin, A J C Van Gemund
  • 1997
High Performance Computing (HPC) has been deened as a key enabling technology for industrial competitiveness. The successful use of parallel computer technology requires the development of techniques to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of software development. In particular in commercial or industrial applications the required parallel(More)
  • K F Wakker, H X Lin, Hans Van Someren, Erik Van Konijnenburg, Olivier Ace, Jean-Louis Cheron +1 other
  • 2000
I Acknowledgments In mid 1992, I first encountered the challenges of compiler design when I started to work on the European ESPRIT-project PREPARE. Thanks to Edwin Paalvast who introduced me to this project. At the time, we were both working at the Institute for Applied Information Technology of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research(More)
Since their inception, micro-size light emitting diode (µLED) arrays based on III-nitride semiconductors have emerged as a promising technology for a range of applications. This paper provides an overview on a decade progresses on realizing III-nitride µLED based high voltage single-chip AC/DC-LEDs without power converters to address the key compatibility(More)
  • J Schier, Utia Av, Cr H J Agterkamp, A J C Van Gemund, G L Reijns, Tu Delft +3 others
  • 1996
The problem of eecient implementation of an object tracking algorithm for the multi-static frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FM-CW) collision avoidance radar is addressed in the paper. The task of the algorithm is to construct the image of target locations from multiple peak sets that represent radial distances of the targets from the antenna system.(More)
  • G Stelling, D Roose, B P Sommeijer, P J Van Der Houwen, J Kok, H X Lin +1 other
  • 1998
The ecological condition of the Continental Shelf is of great concern for many countries. The understanding of the integrated effects that result in the present and future situation requires answers on many research topics, such as flow modelling, including turbulence and large eddy simulation, transport processes, chemistry, ecology, etc. This paper(More)
This thesis describes the design and implementation of a parallel algorithm for data assimilation with ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) for oil reservoir management. The implemented application works on large number of observations from time-lapse seismic, which lead to a large turnaround time for the analysis step, in addition to the time consuming(More)