H. X. Lin

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High Performance Computing (HPC) has been deened as a key enabling technology for industrial competitiveness. The successful use of parallel computer technology requires the development of techniques to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of software development. In particular in commercial or industrial applications the required parallel(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have gained much attention due to large number of applications. The WSN systems are usually deployed in hostile environments where they encountered a wide variety of malicious attacks. In order to protect the transmitted messages between any two adjacent sensor nodes, a mutual authentication and key exchange protocol is(More)
The problem of eecient implementation of an object tracking algorithm for the multi-static frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FM-CW) collision avoidance radar is addressed in the paper. The task of the algorithm is to construct the image of target locations from multiple peak sets that represent radial distances of the targets from the antenna system.(More)
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