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An automated image analysis (IA) technique has been developed to obtain a measure of the amount (i.e. number and area) of gunshot residue (GSR) particles within and around a gunshot wound. Sample preparation and IA procedures were standardised to improve the reproducibility of the IA measurements of GSR. Measurements of GSR from test firings into goat hide(More)
When considering the impact and value of gunshot residues (GSR) as forensic trace evidence, the likelihood of a suspect producing a positive GSR analysis result without having direct exposure to a firearm is a major consideration. Therefore, the random prevalence of GSR and 'GSR-like' residues in the wider population is a highly pertinent question when(More)
The objectives of this study were to: (1) measure patient compliance with monitoring, (2) validate parental reports of alarms at home, (3) examine monitoring duration, and (4) compare documented monitor records with the traditional pneumogram to evaluate patients for monitor discontinuation. During the 1-year period from January through December, 1992, 114(More)
Appropriate and effective nursing intervention is an essential element in determining how the family responds to the monitor in the home. Accurate assessment of the family system and dynamics provides the basis for a plan of care. The family's and infant's specific needs must be addressed. Careful implementation of the plan allows for changes and unexpected(More)
In a study of 227 platelet concentrates the average number of lymphocytes in each unit was 66 X 10(6). There was good viability of the mononuclear cells up to 10 days and the percentage of T and B cells and the OKT4+ to OKT8+ ratio appeared unchanged with storage. At day 8 the mononuclear cells were able to respond to phytohaemagglutinin as assessed by the(More)
Ferromagnetic inclusions can origin from splintering or breaking of tools. Without changing the surface geometry they occur as defects close to the surface. If they lead to a potential risk they have to be detected and characterized. For this purpose two complementary NDT methods have been developed. The magnetometry allows a most sensitive detection of the(More)
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