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The purpose of the present paper was to find out the most suitable localizations to puncture of hip, stifle and hock joints of the domestic cat. These joints are arthrographically presented. Further six contrast mediums in normal commercial usage were tested with regard to there contrast intensity. The only recommendable localization to arthrocentesis of(More)
Nine cats were available for the present trial. Six thoracic limbs were dissected without any previous treatment. In the remaining twelve thoracic limbs, each articular space was injected with silicone and then fixed with a 5% formalin solution before being submitted to dissection. For the radiological examination ten adult cats were available and(More)
In order to assist veterinarians with the diagnosis of diseases in snakes, the organ topography of 142 dissected snakes of 35 different species was analysed and examined in relation to body size and normal biotope. Apart from characteristic species specific differences, it was shown that there is a clear difference between arboreal and terrestrial snakes.(More)
The present study gives a topographic description of the muscles of the thoracic limb of Pudu pudu (Molina 1782). This description is intended as basis for surgery, but is also to be rated as a morphological study. The results are therefore discussed together with findings in Dama dama, Capreolus capreolus, Ovis aries, Capra hircus, and also with findings(More)
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