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This paper reviews advances in the technology of integrated semiconductor optical amplifier based photonic switch fabrics, with particular emphasis on their suitability for high performance network switches for use within a datacenter. The key requirements for large port count optical switch fabrics are addressed noting the need for switches with(More)
Cells apoptosis induced by intense heat stress is the prominent feature of heat-related illness. However, little is known about the biological effects of heat stress on cells apoptosis. Herein, we presented evidence that intense heat stress could induce early apoptosis of HUVEC cells through activating mitochondrial pathway with changes in mitochondrial(More)
[1] The Radiation Transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) initiative is a community-driven exercise to benchmark the models of radiation transfer (RT) used to represent the reflectance of terrestrial surfaces. Systematic model intercomparisons started in 1999 as a self-organized, open-access, voluntary activity of the RT modeling community. The results of the(More)
Mixed-model assembly systems and modular supply chains are enablers to high product variety. However, as variety gets very high, the assembly and supply processes can become very complex. In assembly systems, the complexity may cause human errors and in turn impacts system performance. The complexity also impacts supply chain configuration and inventory(More)
Inverse modeling of CO 2 satellite observations to better quantify carbon surface fluxes requires a chemical transport model (CTM) to relate the fluxes to the observed column concentrations. CTM transport error is a major source of uncertainty. We show that its effect can be reduced by using CO satellite observations as additional constraint in a joint CO(More)
We present an algorithm for the retrieval of gly-oxal from backscattered solar radiation, and apply it to spectra measured by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI). The algorithm is based on direct spectrum fitting, and adopts a two-step fitting routine to account for liquid water absorption. Previous studies have shown that glyoxal retrieval algorithms are(More)
SLAC has developed a multi-physics simulation code TEM3P for simulating integrated effects of electromagnetic, thermal and structural loads. TEM3P shares the same software infrastructure with SLAC's paralell finite element electromagnetic codes, thus enabling all physics simulations within a single framework. The finite-element approach allows(More)
BACKGROUND In a phase III trial in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) and bone metastases, denosumab was superior to zoledronic acid in reducing skeletal-related events (SREs; radiation to bone, pathologic fracture, surgery to bone, or spinal cord compression). This study reassessed the efficacy of denosumab using symptomatic skeletal(More)
This review analyzes reports on the question of ischemic postconditioning of the heart. The review shows that postconditioning decreases infarct size, prevents cardiomyocyte apoptosis, improves cardiac contractility during the reperfusion period, increases the tolerance of the heart to the arrhythmogenic action of reperfusion, prevents invasion of(More)
In this paper we present a benchmarking framework for the validation of cardiac motion analysis algorithms. The reported methods are the response to an open challenge that was issued to the medical imaging community through a MICCAI workshop. The database included magnetic resonance (MR) and 3D ultrasound (3DUS) datasets from a dynamic phantom and 15(More)