H. Wacker

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Associations between affective disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use disorders were examined in epidemiological studies conducted in Germany, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and the mainland US. There was a remarkable degree of similarity across studies in the magnitude and type of specific disorders associated with the affective disorders. Comorbidity(More)
Monocyte phenotypes and functions were studied in 22 patients with major depression, and compared with those of 22 matched healthy controls. Immune measures were performed before and after dexamethasone suppression, and after 4 and 12 weeks of moclobemide therapy in patients. Seven patients terminated after 4 weeks because of treatment failure; 11 out of 15(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and its subsyndromal form (S-SAD) in Switzerland (47 degrees N). METHOD A representative sample from all three language areas of Switzerland (n = 980) were given a structured telephone interview using the extended Seasonal Pattern Assessment Questionnaire (SPAQ+). A smaller, but(More)
Anxiety disorders may be encountered by the medical practitioner in the form of phobias, panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. A phobia is characterized by a strong, irrational fear of a given object or situation, often resulting in avoidance behavior. Phobic patients usually respond well to cognitive behavioral therapy. Panic disorder, which is(More)
By means of a semistructured interview 51 nonpsychotic new outpatients of the Psychiatric University Outpatient Clinic, Basle, Switzerland, were asked about their expectation of being treated with a psychotropic medication during the ensuing therapy. Their conceptualizations about the modes of action of psychopharmacological drugs were also studied. In(More)
This study describes the course of medical drug consumption (analgesics, tranquilizers, and hypnotics) in 843 identical, healthy men between the ages of 20 and 33 years. In 1972-1973, 4082 randomly selected 20-year-old Swiss military recruits were interviewed with a standardized questionnaire about parental drug consumption and their own consumption of(More)
By means of a case report about a depressive female patient suffering from clusters of attacks of various psychosomatic disorders associated with anxiety states of different degrees problems of diagnostic classification are discussed with regard to the DSM-III. The subjective experiences of anxiety during the various episodes of the patient's disease are(More)
Although a remarkable knowledge about socioeconomic variables of psychiatric outpatients has been gathered until now little is known how their social conditions influence their duration of psychiatric service utilization. In this paper two groups of clients of the University Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic of Basle with different durations of treatment were(More)