H W de Koning

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Biomass fuels (wood, agricultural waste, and dung) are used by about half the world's population as a major, often the only, source of domestic energy for cooking and heating. The smoke emissions from these fuels are an important source of indoor air pollution, especially in rural communities in developing countries. These emissions contain important(More)
Techniques are described for the coating of sorbents to be used in an artificial liver support system based on mixed sorbent bed hemoperfusion. Activated charcoal has been coated with cellulose acetate (CA) by solvent evaporation. With Amberlite XAD-4, the Wurster technique was used for coating with CA. XAD-4 has also been coated with a synthetic(More)
A global program of air quality monitoring was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1973. Its objectives are to assist countries in operational air pollution monitoring, to improve the practical use of data in relation to the protection of human health, and to promote the exchange of information. During the initial phase of the project, 14(More)
The application of agarose in hemoperfusion is hampered by the lack of a suitable sterilization method. A technique has been developed for the crosslinking of agarose encapsulated sorbents by the reaction with 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol (DCP) under strong alkaline conditions. A twofold molar excess of DCP with respect to agarose and an equimolar amount of(More)
A procedure is outlined to make a rapid across-the-board estimate of the quantities of air, water and land pollution in a given region or country. Such inventories, though not as detailed as one would eventually need, provide a first integrated view of the magnitude and quantity of pollution and can contribute to effective and comprehensive pollution(More)
Acute hepatic failure was induced in rats by galactosamine injection intraperitoneally (1 gm per kg). Twenty-four hours later rats were treated by hemoperfusion (HP) over encapsulated sorbents: cellulose acetate-coated charcoal, polyelectrolyte-coated XAD4, a combination of both, or cross circulation with a healthy donor. Compared with control treatment(More)