H. W. Scheloske

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Eusynaptomyces benjaminii is described as a new species of the ectoparasiticLaboulbeniales (Ascomycetes). It exists only on two very restricted areas of the body (= position specifity) of its hostEnochrus testaceus (F.) (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae): on the claws of the right fore-leg and on the lower side of the frontal border of the pronotum. In these two(More)
An investigation of damaged buildings revealedC. daviesanus appearing locally as noxious animal, for it digs its nest cavities in various, not too hard building materials. The nest cavities are easily to be recognized by the cellophane-like covering over, the cells in linear series and the pollen brought in (“Achillea-Form”). His natural nesting places are(More)
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