H. W. Mueller

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The demographics of acute spinal cord injury (SCI) are changing with an increased incidence in older age. However, the influence of aging on the regenerative growth potential of central nervous system (CNS) axons following SCI is not known. We investigated axonal sprouting along with the efficiency of the infusion of the stromal cell-derived growth factor-1(More)
An endogenous ouabain-like factor (EOLF) was measured in brain tissue of cats 12 and 24 hrs after cold injury-induced edema. EOLF was assayed via its inhibition of 86Rb+ uptake in human red blood cells in a fraction which was obtained from brain tissue by methanol extraction, chloroform treatment and purification of the water phase by C-18 HPLC. As compared(More)
Long term results after surgery for growth hormone (GH)-secreting adenomas indicate only a limited cure rate, particularly in patients with tumours invading the dural boundaries of the sella with suprasellar extension. Since octreotide had become a treatment option, it was used i.v. via an implantable pump system in five patients (age range 24-46 yr)(More)
In a non-randomized retrospective study n = 36 prolactinoma patients (n = 7 micro- and n = 29 macroadenomas) were evaluated before (E0), 4 (E1) and 52 weeks (E2) after applying 3 different treatment modalities: A dopamine agonist (DA) therapy (n = 14), B surgery as initial procedure (n = 12) and oral DA therapy, C DA preinjection, subsequent surgery (n =(More)
To evaluate the interrelationships between anterior pituitary function and the antidiuretic system in patients harbouring hypothalamo-hypophyseal tumorous lesions, combined anterior pituitary stimulation tests were performed in the pre (n = 192 patients) and postoperative (n = 151 patients) state. Basal and stimulated plasma antidiuretic hormone, serum as(More)
Acute cerebral compression by a supra- and infratentorial balloon produced a triphasic pattern of diuresis. The 1st phase was characterized by polyuria associated with five fold increase of plasma (p) antidiuretic hormone (ADH) concentration, decreased urine osmolality in spite of natriuresis and blood pressure elevation. The 2nd phase was characterized by(More)
Plasma antidiuretic hormone (pADH) and atrial natruiretic peptide (pANP) were determined during the triphasic diuresis response to acute cerebral compression in cats. The first, the polyuric phase, was accompanied by the cardiovascular response, characterized by a simultaneous increase of pADH and pANP. During the second, the oliguric phase and the third(More)
The ESR spectrum, attributed to the ascorbic acid (ascorbyl) radical and obtained by exposing freeze dried material to air, can not be used as proof for the occurrence of in vivo free radical reactions. Depending on the method of freeze drying, the content of blood or hemolyzed blood is the dominant factor in creating higher than normal ESR signals in brain(More)
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