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PSA tries to assess the whole spectrum of risk presented by a hazardous plant or operation. It does this by systematically modelling a great number of different accident sequences. The main cause of possible public or environmental harm from an accident in a nuclear plant is the radioactive release that may result, so PSA attempts to assess the frequency of(More)
  • MARKELOVA Natalya, KERZHENTSEV Anatoliy, H W James
In recent years considerable attention has been given to the functional activity of microbial populations in soil. Bacterial disease of plants is a problem of economic importance in agriculture. The wide use of chemicals against undesirable bacteria in agricultural practices has some drawbacks. Some uses of chemicals, like pesticides, are ecologically(More)
A wide range of factors affect the skin's ability to withstand pressure, friction and shear. Clinically validated pressure-relieving equipment is essential to prevent pressure sores in acutely ill patients. A successful pressure sore prevention strategy depends on sufficient resource allocation, appropriate levels and types of preventive equipment and(More)
This paper describes the difference between wounds which heal by first and secondary intention. A brief overview of the stages of healing is then given: inflammation, granulation, epithelialisation and contraction plus the difficulties sometimes associated with the scarring of wounds. The properties of the ideal dressing for optimum wound healing rate are(More)
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