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It is difficult to distinguish the independent effects of gravity from those of inertia on a running animal. Simply adding mass proportionally changes both the weight (gravitational force) and mass (inertial force) of the animal. We measured ground reaction forces for eight male humans running normally at 3 m s(-)(1) and under three experimental treatments:(More)
Hydrophobic matching, in which transmembrane proteins cause the surrounding lipid bilayer to adjust its hydrocarbon thickness to match the length of the hydrophobic surface of the protein, is a commonly accepted idea. To test this idea, gramicidin was embedded in dilauroyl phosphatidylcholine (DLPC) and dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine (DMPC) bilayers at the(More)
photovoltaics, [ 5 ] super-resolution imaging, [ 6 ] and various twodimensional plasmonic lens. [ 7 ] Besides, using nanostructures to project SPP plane waves into the adjacent free space is also an important issue. The interactions of plasmonic nanostructure on SPP wave involve not only the in-plane behavior, but also out-of-plane scattering which is(More)
Ag nanostructures with surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) activities have been fabricated by applying laser-direct writing (LDW) technique on silver oxide (AgOx) thin films. By controlling the laser powers, multi-level Raman imaging of organic molecules adsorbed on the nanostructures has been observed. This phenomenon is further investigated by(More)
A new fabrication strategy in which Ag plasmonics are embedded in the interface between ZnO nanorods and a conducting substrate is experimentally demonstrated using a femtosecond-laser (fs-laser)-induced plasmonic ZnO/Ag photoelectrodes. This fs-laser fabrication technique can be applied to generate patternable plasmonic nanostructures for improving their(More)
Using a femtosecond laser, we have transformed the laser-direct-writing technique into a highly efficient method that can process AgO(x) thin films into Ag nanostructures at a fast scanning rate of 2000 μm(2)/min. The processed AgO(x) thin films exhibit broad-band enhancement of optical absorption and effectively function as active SERS substrates. Probing(More)
GaN-based LEDs with a SiO2 oxide PQC pattern on an n-GaN layer by nanoimprint lithography are fabricated and investigated. At a driving current of 20 mA on a TransistorOutline-can package, the light output power of LED III (d = 1.2 μm) was enhanced by a factor of 1.20. The internal-quantumefficiency result offers promising potential to enhance the light(More)