H. W. Höppel

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Accumulative roll bonding (ARB) is a very attractive process for processing large sheets to achieve ultrafine-grained microstructure and high strength. Commercial purity Al and many Al alloys from the 5xxx and the precipitation strengthened 6xxx alloy series have been successfully processed by the ARB process into an ultrafine-grained state and superior(More)
Ultrafine-grained (UFG) metallic materials are at the cutting edge of modern materials science as they exhibit outstanding properties which make them very interesting for prospective structural or functional engineering applications. Due to the progress in severe plastic deformation techniques during the last decade, ultrafine-grained microstructures are no(More)
Ultrafine-grained accumulative roll bonded (ARB) sheet metals of aluminum alloys have a high potential for lightweight construction. The mechanical properties can be enhanced regarding strength and ductility by the combination of ARB and a local heat treatment according to the Tailor Heat Treated Blanks technology. The present investigation focuses on the(More)
During the last decades the interest in fatigue properties of materials subjected to more than 10(7) cycles has strongly increased. To reach such high numbers of cycles the use of ultrasonic fatigue testing systems is a well-established method due to their very high fatigue frequencies. However particular considerations about the specimen design have to be(More)
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