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Juvenile colonies of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki were investigated to determine the social interactions among all individuals near the central nest of a colony. The behavioral repertoire of whole colonies of subterranean termites has yet to be identified because of their cryptic nests. Colonies were placed in planar arenas, and their behavioral(More)
The processing time for each job in JSSP is often imprecise in many real world applications. Therefore, JSSP with fuzzy processing time was addressed in this paper. Triangular fuzzy numbers were used to describe the fuzzy processing time. In this paper, a hybrid particle swarm optimization (HPSO) algorithm was presented for solving JSSP. The quality of the(More)
One debate in mathematical cognition centers on the single-representation model versus the two-representation model. Using an improved number Stroop paradigm (i.e., systematically manipulating physical size distance), in the present study we tested the predictions of the two models for number magnitude processing. The results supported the(More)
In conventional frequentist power analysis, one often uses an effect size estimate, treats it as if it were the true value, and ignores uncertainty in the effect size estimate for the analysis. The resulting sample sizes can vary dramatically depending on the chosen effect size value. To resolve the problem, we propose a hybrid Bayesian power analysis(More)
This paper aims to reveal the mechanism of Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and how CDOs extend the current global financial crisis. We first introduce the concept of CDOs and give a brief account of the development of CDOs. We then explicate the mechanism of CDOs within a concrete example with mortgage deals and we outline the evolution of the(More)
Research on social ecologies of political violence has been largely confined to cross-sectional tests of the impact of political violence on child adjustment, limiting perspectives on more nuanced causal pathways, including tests of reciprocal relations between exposure to political violence and child adjustment. Based on a four-wave longitudinal study,(More)
For the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) and future Shanghai Free-Electron Laser projects, ground vibration is an important factor and, in order to attenuate it, the construction of a deep tunnel is under consideration. This paper concentrates on the investigation of ground vibration at different underground levels down to 60 m below surface,(More)
Planning is the critical first stage of metacognition. Although it has long been emphasized theoretically, it has not been the subject of much empirical study due to the lack of a valid assessment tool. Because planning is a metacognitive process, online methods that collect data during task performance would much better capture it. The present study was(More)
This study investigated age polyethism and the frequencies of behaviors in relation to the distance from the egg cluster in nests of Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, a lower termite. Juvenile colonies of C. formosanus were introduced in planar arenas and termite activity was recorded with camcorders. The results showed that there were differences in(More)
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