H. Vlad Balan

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Most Internet telephony applications currently use either TCP or UDP to carry their voice-over-IP (VoIP) traffic. This choice can be problematic, because TCP is not well suited for interactive traffic and UDP is unresponsive to congestion. The IETF has recently standardized the new Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP). DCCP has been designed to carry(More)
This paper presents a study of the fuel cell system performance operating at different pressure and temperature levels. A polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) is analyzed according with the possibility of using in transport applications. Therefore, it begin with the description of a parametric model of the fuel cell which has been developed using a(More)
Pipeline defects were known to occur in both bipolar and CMOS devices. It is reported that a possible physical correlation exists between a type of etch pit pairs (EPP) and pipeline defects on an EEPROM device. The density of EPPs, and the density of pipeline defects, was found to be significantly reduced by a 900°C anneal in nitrogen prior to N+ oxidation,(More)
The paper presents some issues on testing the generators, integrated in wind turbine systems. Generators are subject to perturbations transmitted from the source to the source and to perturbations determined by the variable speed of the turbines' blades. The paper reviews the standards concerning tests in wind systems and depicts some specific tests, using(More)
It is well known, actual trend in power electronics about exchange power thyristors with devices more flexible from point of view of commutation and possibility of command (IGBT, MOS transistors, GTO). There are applications, for example, DC high voltage electrical energy transmission, where because of high power switched, power thyristors remain an(More)
The development of low resistance membranes, highly diffusive electrodes, and reduced use of noble metal catalysts are the recent breakthroughs that brought the fuel cell to the fore-front. However, some parameters like hydrogen and oxygen flow, temperature, water flow and load must be controlled, in order to obtain the maximum efficiency out of a fuel(More)
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