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The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of cryopreserved arterial homografts for management of prosthetic graft infection. Between October 1992 and July 1998, 90 patients (84 men) with a mean age of 64 years from six different hospitals were treated for prosthesis infection by in situ replacement using a cryopreserved arterial(More)
It is important to establish clear definitions concerning carotid artery disease, a topic that recently regained widespread interest in medical literature. Therefore, we summarize a paper of Rothwell and Barnett, recently published in the Lancet 2003 (1). In their analysis, the data of three randomized trials, comparing carotid endarterectomy to optimal(More)
Diabetic patients, presenting with both peripheral vascular disease and large soft-tissue defects, are too often treated by primary amputation. A combined revascularization and free-tissue transfer procedure can extend limb salvage in these patients. The authors report their experience over 4 years with 19 diabetic patients with peripheral vascular disease(More)
To evaluate the role of carotid surgery in elderly patients 75 years and older, we reviewed 912 carotid endarterectomies performed on 806 patients between 1987 and 1990. There were 151 patients (19% of the whole series) aged 75 years and older (160 endarterectomies, group A), including 29 octogenarians, vs 655 patients under 75 years of age (group B). There(More)
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