H. Van Kampen

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Filial imprinting is the process through which early attachment behavior becomes restricted to the mother and siblings. In the present paper it will be shown that the processes underlying imprinting in chicks (Gallus gallus) can be fruitfully analyzed by referring to the same mechanisms as are generally assumed to play a role in perceptual and associative(More)
To be able to reproduce, animals need to survive and interact with an ever changing environment. Therefore, they create a cognitive representation of that environment, from which they derive expectancies regarding current and future events. These expected events are compared continuously with information gathered through exploration, to guide behaviour and(More)
The present study was performed to investigate whether and how pre-exposure to an object affects subsequent filial imprinting to that object. In Experiment 1 junglefowl chicks (Gallus gallus spadiceus) were first exposed to either a red object alone (control group), or a red and a yellow object simultaneously (experimental group; phase 1). Subsequently, all(More)
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