H V Zung

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1. Isolated and glycogen-depleted motor units (MUs) have been studied in normal and reinnervated tibialis anterior (TA) muscles of the rat to examine 1) the correspondence between physiological and histochemical classifications, 2) the extent to which unit properties cluster according to type, 3) the relation between unit force and fatigability, and 4) the(More)
1. The technique of glycogen depletion and periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) staining, which identifies glycogen-free muscle fibers, was used to directly count the number (N) and measure the cross-sectional area (CSA) of muscle fibers in single motor units (MUs) from normal and reinnervated tibialis anterior (TA) muscles. Indirect estimates, derived from the(More)
The relationship between motor unit force and the recorded voltage produced by activated muscle unit fibres (electromyogram, EMG) was examined in normal and reinnervated rat tibialis anterior muscles. The number, cross-sectional area, and radial distance from the recording electrode of muscle fibres in a given unit, obtained directly from a sample of(More)
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