H. V. Grushevskaya

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A projection operator technique for solution of relativistic wave equation on non-compact group has been proposed. This technique was applied to the construction of wave equations for charged vector boson in a potential field. The equations were shown to approximately describe a hydrogen-like atom and allow estimating of relativistic corrections such as a(More)
Variation principle has been developed to calculate many-particle effects in crystals. Within the framework of quasi-particle concept the variation principle has been used to find one-electron states with taking into account of effects due to non-locality of electronic density functional in electromagnetic fields. A secondary quantized density matrix was(More)
Relativistic invariant projectors of states in a complex bispinor space on a complex spinor space are constructed. An expression for sections of bundle with connection on group SU(4) in an explicit form has been obtained. Within the framework of the proposed geometrical approach the rule of summation over polarizations of states in a complex bispinor space(More)
The method has been developed to calculate effects of polarization not only for a atomic core in a field of valent electron, but also polarization of atom as a whole in the electron-hole formalism. A secondary quantized density matrix for many-electron system was used to find the Green function of a quasiparticle and its effective mass due to many-particle(More)
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