H. V. Grushevskaya

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X iv :q ua nt -p h/ 03 01 17 6v 1 3 1 Ja n 20 03 A projection operator technique for solution of relativistic wave equation on non-compact group: the case of a charged vector-boson Halina V. Grushevskaya and Leonid I. Gurskii 1 Physics Department, Belarusian State University, 4 Fr. Skorina Av., 220050 Minsk, Belarus 2 Belarusian State University of(More)
Variation principle has been developed to calculate many-particle effects in crystals. Within the framework of quasi-particle concept the variation principle has been used to find one-electron states with taking into account of effects due to non-locality of electronic density functional in electromagnetic fields. A secondary quantized density matrix was(More)
Relativistic invariant projectors of states in a complex bispinor space on a complex spinor space are constructed. An expression for sections of bundle with connection on group SU(4) in an explicit form has been obtained. Within the framework of the proposed geometrical approach the rule of summation over polarizations of states in a complex bispinor space(More)
As is known [1], for odd number of electrons the Hartree Fock method of self-consistent field gives the equation, calculation with which help is connected to a problem of diagonalizing a matrix Lagrange multiplier. It results to possible noncommutativity of a Fock operator with the operator density matrix (a projector on subspace of orbitals for electron in(More)
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