H V Castejon

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Cortical biopsies of 12 patients with traumatic brain injuries have been used in the present study to examine oligodendroglial cell changes and reactivity. The samples were processed for light and transmission electron microscopy. Four main types of oligodendrocyte populations have been found: resting or unreactive oligodendrocytes, reactive(More)
Iron deficiency anemia has been associated with alterations in child development and psychomotor function, being myelination and dopaminergic functioning especially vulnerable. Iron deficiency, at different ages, has different reversible and irreversible effects on CNS. Anemia has also been related to vitamin A deficiency (VAD) and growth retardation. The(More)
Modifications of glycosaminoglycans at neuropile of rat and chicken cerebellum during development were histochemically studied. The application of Alcian Blue staining techniques and enzymatic degradations permitted to reveal in both species that in earlier stages of cerebellar development hyaluronic acid is present throughout neuropile of entire cerebellum(More)
Developmentally regulated modifications of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the central nervous system (CNS) have suggested that also in the CNS, these compounds might participate in morphogenesis and nerve cell differentiation. However very few studies have been reported concerning the regional distribution of these compounds by histochemical techniques. We(More)
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