H. Urbach

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With the increasing use of ultrasonography, especially in medical imaging, novel fabrication techniques together with novel sensor designs are needed to meet the requirements for future applications like three-dimensional intercardiac and intravascular imaging. These applications require arrays of many small elements to selectively record the sound waves(More)
In a longitudinal mouse study we evaluated whether diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) can monitor microstructural changes after administration of the neuromodulating drug EPO and whether erythropoietin (EPO) has an effect on cognitive performance. Twelve mice (2 groups with 6 mice each) were scanned in a 7T Bruker Biospin animal scanner with a highly resolved(More)
The effects of Hoe 065 (n-octyl 2-[N-[(S)-1-ethoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropyl]-L-alanyl]-(1S,3S, 5S)-2-azabicyclo [3.3.0]octane-3-carboxylate maleate salt) were studied on the performance of mice and rats in different learning tasks. Hoe 065 prevented the disruption of memory induced by scopolamine administered before training. The results indicate that Hoe 065(More)
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