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OBJECTIVE Human median nerve somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) contain a low-amplitude (<500 nV) high-frequency (approximately 600 Hz) burst of repetitive wavelets (HFOs) which are superimposed onto the primary cortical response 'N20.' This study aimed to further clarify the cortical and subcortical structures involved in the generation of the HFOs. (More)
Cells exposed to extreme physicochemical or mechanical stimuli die in an uncontrollable manner, as a result of their immediate structural breakdown. Such an unavoidable variant of cellular demise is generally referred to as 'accidental cell death' (ACD). In most settings, however, cell death is initiated by a genetically encoded apparatus, correlating with(More)
The first in vivo nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) images of tissue sodium in the intact animal are presented. The distribution of sodium in the normal cat's head is described. An experimental stroke was surgically induced. Sodium NMR imaging showed a pronounced focal increase in cerebral sodium concentration 9 hr after ligation of the middle cerebral(More)
Fas (CD95/Apo-1) ligand is a potent inducer of apoptosis and one of the major killing effector mechanisms of cytotoxic T cells. Thus, Fas ligand activity has to be tightly regulated, involving various transcriptional and post-transcriptional processes. For example, preformed Fas ligand is stored in secretory lysosomes of activated T cells, and rapidly(More)
OBJECTIVE To report asymptomatic hypereosinophilia as a potential side effect in patients treated with natalizumab, an α-4 integrin blocking agent. METHODS A case series of 3 patients treated with natalizumab for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis including functional and phenotypic characterization of their peripheral blood lymphocytes and(More)
BACKGROUND Our objective was to examine the accuracy of intracardiac ultrasound (ICUS) measurement of left ventricular (LV) volumes and ejection fraction (EF) using a 10-MHz ultrasound catheter. ICUS can image the LV in cross sections at all levels along the long axis with a transducer mounted on the tip of a catheter. Sequential serial LV cross-sectional(More)
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