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Bony variations in the anterior ethmoids may, if severe, play an important role in the development of chronic sinusitis and present the surgeon with added risks during operation. We have, therefore, analysed 390 preoperative CT examinations of the sinuses performed in the coronary plane with respect to the frequency of bone variations. Concha bullosa,(More)
The angiographical findings of 24 patients with coronary artery disease were compared with qualitative and quantitative detection of coronary calcification by ultrafast CT. Doubts concerning the capabilities of the ultrafast CT for a screening of coronary artery disease arise when the results of one third false positive and false negative findings are(More)
Variations in the area and dimensions of the liver and spleen in the craniocaudal direction show a similar behaviour despite individual differences in the size and shape of the organs. The liver has its largest areal extent in the upper half of the organ. In the case of the spleen, it is not possible for the largest areal extent to be assigned to a(More)
10 of 150 patients had persistent vertigo after implantation of stapes prostheses. These patients were evaluated by high-resolution CT in the axial and coronal plane. Scans showed in all cases findings which related to the symptoms. The CT findings were proved intraoperatively in 9 cases. A new indirect sign of a perilymphatic fistula is described in form(More)
34 patients were examined by CT following a modified enema (CT-Sellink) in order to demonstrate the gut. By introducing a "gut index" it is possible to define the tone of the gut providing its folds remain constant. By means of a radial density profile the gut wall can be defined objectively and in numerical terms. Gut wall thickness in the small bowel(More)
PURPOSE In a retrospective analysis of vascular interventional procedures, relations between parameters of the examination and radiation exposure of patient and medical personnel are examined. MATERIAL AND METHOD 1208 vascular interventional procedures are evaluated. Interventional procedures are divided into three groups: percutaneous transluminal(More)
In the present study 162 patients with clinically suspected diseases of the major salivary glands were examined via sonography (n = 162), sialography (n = 111) and CT-sialography (n = 49). The reliability of the three radiological procedures was assessed in diagnosing sialoadenitis, sialolithiasis and glandular and extraglandular tumors. Forty-seven(More)
Out of 198 patients with aortic coarctation who were operated on with the implantation of an orthotopic bypass vascular prosthesis, 7 developed severe late complications 9-20 years postoperatively with late anastomosis dehiscence which resulted either in acute rupture and sudden death from massive hemorrhage (2 patients) or in false aneurysms with or(More)
Surgery is an important therapeutic option in the treatment of Graves' disease. Nevertheless it is still controversial discussed wether the extent of resection correlates with the rate of surgical complications and the therapeutic success. Therefore we performed a retrospective analysis on 75 surgically treated patients. 58 of these 75 patients were(More)
The effects of 4-bromocrotonic acid, 2-bromopalmitic acid, 3-mercaptopropionic acid, 4-pentenoic acid, and 2-tetradecylglycidic acid on the oxidations of palmitate, octanoate, and pyruvate in adult rat myocytes were studied. Since all of these compounds inhibit the oxidation of palmitate but not of pyruvate, they are specific inhibitors of fatty acid(More)