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A string moving with geostationary angular velocity in its radial relative equilibrium configuration around the Earth, reaching from the surface of the Earth far beyond the geostationary height, could be used as track for an Earth to space elevator. This is an old dream of mankind, originating about 100 years ago in Russia. Besides the question of(More)
Die IMN wurden 1947 von R. Inzin-ger als " Nachrichten der Mathematischen Gesellschaft in Wien " gegründet. 1952 wurde die Zeitschrift in " Internationale Mathematische Nachrichten " umbenannt und war bis 1971 offizielles Publikati-onsorgan der " Internationalen Mathema-tischen Union ". Von 1953 bis 1977 betreute W. Wunder-lich, der bereits seit der(More)
In this paper the common AUC architecture was compared with the DUC with respect to MER, EVM, output power and power consumption. After a detailed discussion of the theory, the measurement setups were described and afterwards the measurement results discussed. The DUC offers some advantages compared to the AUC. Excellent signal quality can be reached using(More)
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