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Reading digital comic on mobile phone is demanding now. Instead of create a new mobile comic contents, adaptation of the existing digital comic web portal is valuable. In this paper, we proposed an automatic e-comic mobile content adaptation method for automatically create mobile comic content from existing digital comic website portal. Automatic e-comic(More)
Creating a digital Manga comic for mobile devices is chalenging because of the limitation of device's screen size and time consuming of the process. In this paper, we proposed an efficient method for automatically creating mobile content of digital Manga comic from scanned of printed digital comic by extracting comic frame, comic balloon and Japanese(More)
The paper describes a computer model which is capable of simulating the typical phenomena of Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM). The model is based on a simplified scheme of the metabolic processes of CAM described earlier in the literature. The evolution of the model proceeded in the following steps, namely i) a verbal description of CAM in the form of a(More)
Artiicial neural networks and fuzzy logic approaches are widely used methods to cope with problems of non-linear modelling and control. These concepts have proved to be powerful tools in serveral elds of application. However, the computational eeort involved is rather high and does often not allow the implementation on low-cost standard-hardware. This paper(More)
Indoor location estimation system based on existing 802.11 signal strength is becoming increasingly prevalent in the area of mobility and ubiquity. The user-based location determination system utilizes the information of the Signal Strength (SS) received from the surrounding Access Points (APs) to determine the user position. In this paper, we focus on the(More)
Television (TV) Commercial program contains important product information that displayed only in seconds. People who need that information has no insufficient time for noted it, even just for reading that information. This research work focus on automatically detect text and extract important information from a TV commercial to provide information in real(More)
The article at hand presents new results and conceptions concerning the intelligent and autonomous control of biotechnological processes by integrating conventional, knowledge-based and learning methods. The extended system BioX ++ facilitates the transparent generation of process control strategies and sequences based on automatically self-organized(More)
Method and system for 3D image display onto mobile phone and/or tablet terminal is proposed. Displaying 3D images are changed in accordance with user’s location and attitude as well as some motions. Also 3D images can be combined with real world images and virtual images. Through implementation and experiments with virtual images, all functionalities are(More)
Optimization method for e-learning document search with keywords which are derived from the keywords and descriptions in the meta-tag of web search results together with thesaurus engine is proposed. 15 to 20% of improvement on hit rate of search performance is confirmed with the proposed search engine. KeywordsSearch engine; e-learning content; thesaurus(More)