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This paper describes the detection of conductive microbeads (PbSn) based on eddy-current testing (ECT) technique. High-frequency magnetic field applied to the conductive microbeads enables spin-valve giant magnetoresistance (SV-GMR) sensor to detect the magnetic fields occurred from eddy currents flowing in the conductive microbeads. In this paper, analysis(More)
The recently found intermetallic FeSn5 phase with defect structure Fe0.74Sn5 has shown promise as a high capacity anode for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The theoretical capacity is as high as 929 mAh g(-1) thanks to the high Sn/Fe ratio. However, despite being an alloy, the cycle life remains a great challenge. Here, by combining Fe0.74Sn5 nanospheres with(More)
High lift-off inspection in eddy current testing (ECT) has wide and important applications. However the reliable ECT detection for shallow scratches is generally carried out only on the surface or with a low lift-off height from probe because of the large lift-off noise of sensor and decreasing signal level in the high lift-off condition. In this paper, the(More)
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