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Many benefits come with the real-time simulation of electric machinery and drives. HYPERSIM, a fully digital real-time power system simulator, originally based on large parallel supercomputer, is now adapted to a new hardware platform, in order to increase its flexibility and accessibility. This paper presents a new hardware architecture, called PC-cluster,(More)
BACKGROUND Our goal was to determine if findings on an index computed tomography (CT) scan would correlate with survival in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma. We know that as this tumor extends out of the gland, survival decreases. Are there any CT findings that assess tumor extension sufficiently that also correlate with survival? Once identified,(More)
Nuclear retention of pre-mRNAs is tightly regulated by several security mechanisms that prevent pre-mRNA export into the cytoplasm. Recently, spliceostatin A, a methylated derivative of a potent antitumor microbial metabolite FR901464, was found to cause pre-mRNA accumulation and translation in mammalian cells. Here we report that spliceostatin A also(More)
BACKGROUND Leukoaraiosis is defined as extracellular space caused mainly by atherosclerotic or demyelinated changes in the brain tissue and is commonly found in the brains of healthy older people. A significant association between leukoaraiosis and traffic crashes was reported in our previous study; however, the reason for this is still unclear. METHOD(More)
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