H Tandjaoui-Lambiotte

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PURPOSE To document the changes observed at sequential magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of sarcoidosis lesions of the central nervous system (CNS) during treatment with corticosteroids. MATERIALS AND METHODS The abnormalities detected in 24 patients (mean follow-up, 36 months) were compared before and after therapeutic periods (n = 75) that were divided(More)
Environmental exposure to asbestos, as observed in Anatolia (Turkey), usually results in pleural pathology (plaques and mesothelioma). We report the case of a 50-year old woman who, until the age of 50, had lived in Eregli, central Anatolia, a region where inhalation of environmental asbestos is responsible for a high prevalence of pleural diseases.(More)
BACKGROUND Toxocariosis, the most frequent cause of visceral larva migrans, is usually a disease of children due to ingestion of eggs from the roundworm of dogs (Toxocara canis). Clinical expression varies from an symptomatic state to fuminant disorders; hepatomegaly with fever is frequent. Severe symptoms (rarely in adults) may occur. CASE REPORT A(More)
Diffuse hypoxic pneumonia was found to be caused by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in two patients given enalapril and fosinopril for hypertension. Both patients developed sub-acute respiratory failure and lost weight. Imaging explorations showed multiple areas of alveolar consolidation, moderate pleural effusion and in one case linear(More)
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