H. Takada

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We demonstrated single-shot measurements of spectral interference between a white-light continuum generated in a hollow-fiber and its second harmonic. The interference has information on the carrier-envelope phase of an input pulse to the fiber and the time delay of the blue wing of the continuum. By analyzing the observed spectral interference, we(More)
Correlated default risk plays a significant role in financial markets. Dynamic intensity-based models, in which a firm default is governed by a stochastic intensity process, are widely used to model correlated default risk. The computations in these models can be performed by Monte Carlo simulation. The standard simulation method, which requires the(More)
We have demonstrated a carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilized chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) system employing a grating-based pulse stretcher and compressor and a regenerative amplifier for the first time. In addition to stabilizing the carrier-envelope offset phase of a laser oscillator, a new pulse selection method referenced to the carrier-envelope(More)
A frequency comb spanning more than one octave has been achieved by injecting the second-harmonic generation (780 nm) of a mode-locked fiber laser (1.56 microm) into a photonic crystal fiber. We propose and realize a novel interferometric scheme for observing the carrier-envelope offset frequency of the frequency comb. Frequency noise has been observed on(More)
An optical-phase stabilization technique was utilized to reduce the timing jitter between passively synchronized Ti:sapphire and Cr:forsterite two-color mode-locked lasers. The suppression of cavity-length fluctuation by stabilizing pulse-to-pulse slips of relative carrier-envelope phase allowed timing-jitter reduction by a factor of 1.7, resulting in an(More)
The pulse timing of a mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser was stabilized to a reference pulse train from a Cr:forsterite mode-locked laser by all-optical passive synchronization scheme. The reference pulses were injected into a ring cavity of the fiber laser by using a 1.3-1.5 mum wavelength-division multiplexer. The spectral shift induced by cross-phase(More)
Research and development ,works on accelerator-based nuclear waste transmutation are carried out at JAERI under the national program OMEGA. The preliminary design of the ~proposed minor actinide transmutation plant with a solid targetkore is described. The plant consists of a high intensity proton accelerator, spallatkm target of solid tungsten, and(More)
We propose a method for single-shot measurement of the carrier-envelope phase of high-intensity laser pulses. The method is based on observation of the electrons' spatial distribution ionized by a time-dependent polarization pulse generated by a combination of replicas of the measuring pulse. The dependence of the electrons' angular distribution on(More)
We have demonstrated a reduction of the timing jitter between passively synchronized Ti:sapphire and Cr:forsterite mode-locked lasers into a 100-attosecond (as) regime by suppressing slow fluctuations with the use of active slow-bandwidth extracavity feedback. This active-passive hybrid synchronization scheme permits the achievement of timing jitters of 98(More)
We stabilized the relative carrier-envelope phase slip among the pump pulse and its subharmonic signal and idler pulses in a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator, resulting in long-term phasecoherence among the pulses. The stabilized beat signal corresponding to the relative carrier-envelope phase slip among subharmonic pulses had an accumulated phase(More)