H. T. Williams

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The capstone experience of the biology major is the 3-semester research program sequence. Students complete a potentially publishable project, which often complements their applications to graduate or medical school. Some of these projects are eventually published in peer-reviewed journals. Development of an intelligent reasoning system to distinguish(More)
This study investigates the impact of banks characteristics, financial structure and macroeconomic indicators on banks Capital base in the Nigerian banking industry. The study does not account for ratio analysis in the computation of capital adequacy but rather it examines the determinant of Capital adequacy in Nigeria during the period 1980 – 2008 within(More)
Let N be a positive integer, let b < N be a positive integer relatively prime to N , and let r be the order of b modulo N. Finally, let QC be a quantum computer whose input register has the size specified in Shor's original description of his order-finding algorithm. We prove that when Shor's algorithm is implemented on QC, then the probability P of(More)
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