H. T. Ng

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We study the implementation of quantum phase measurement in a superconducting circuit, where two Josephson phase qubits are coupled to the photon field inside a resonator. We show that the relative phase of the superposition of two Fock states can be imprinted in one of the qubits. The qubit can thus be used to probe and store the quantum coherence of two(More)
We study the decoherence of Majorana modes of a fermion chain, where the fermions interact with their nearest neighbours. We investigate the effect of dissipation and dephasing on the Majorana modes of a fermionic chain. The dissipative and dephasing noises induce the non-parity- and parity-preserving transitions between the eigenstates of the system,(More)
Using three coupled harmonic oscillators, we present an amplitude-amplification method for factorization of an integer. We generalize the method in [arXiv:1007.4338] by employing non-orthogonal measurements on the harmonic oscillator. This method can increase the probability of obtaining the factors by repeatedly using the nonlinear interactions between the(More)
Using three coupled harmonic oscillators, we propose a quantum approach without using qubits to efficiently factorize an integer with only three steps. These three harmonic oscillators are coupled together via nonlinear interactions. This factoring method can be applied even if two harmonic oscillators are prepared in mixed states. As simple examples, we(More)
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