H. T. Ng

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447 infants, born to mothers positive for hepatitis B e antigen and hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), received hepatitis B immunisation. A higher rate of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection was found at birth in infants delivered vaginally (96/385, 24.9%) than in infants delivered by caesarean section (6/62, less than 10%). At birth, serum HBV-DNA was(More)
A Prolog-like inference system for computing minimum-cost abductive explanations in natural-language interpretation. 27 [Michalski and Chilausky, 1980] R. S. Michalski and S. Chilausky. Learning by being told and learning from examples: An experimental comparison of the two methods of knowledge acquisition in the context of developing an expert system for(More)
germanium nanowires grow at an inclined angle on a non-ger-manium (111) substrate due to crystallographic mismatch. We demonstrate the feasibility of controlled synthesis of individual vertical semiconducting germanium nanowires. These nano-wires can be directly integrated into fabricated devices [1,2] to produce nanoscale vertical transistors. Other(More)
The growth of carbon nanofibres (CNF) by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) and the integration of CNFs into devices are studied using high throughput methodology. A growth compatibility chip containing candidate metal contact underlayers and transition metal catalyst layers are used to explore growth activity from various pairings of these(More)
We study the implementation of quantum phase measurement in a superconducting circuit, where two Josephson phase qubits are coupled to the photon field inside a resonator. We show that the relative phase of the superposition of two Fock states can be imprinted in one of the qubits. The qubit can thus be used to probe and store the quantum coherence of two(More)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) is actively engaged in external and internal research to ensure that deinkability of the current recycled paper streams is maintained as the percentage of digital prints in deinking mill furnish increases. As part of this effort HP is working to understand how ink and paper interactions for both inkjet and liquid electrophotography(More)
Using three coupled harmonic oscillators, we present an amplitude-amplification method for factorization of an integer. We generalize the method in [arXiv:1007.4338] by employing non-orthogonal measurements on the harmonic oscillator. This method can increase the probability of obtaining the factors by repeatedly using the nonlinear interactions between the(More)
Using three coupled harmonic oscillators, we propose a quantum approach without using qubits to efficiently factorize an integer with only three steps. These three harmonic oscillators are coupled together via nonlinear interactions. This factoring method can be applied even if two harmonic oscillators are prepared in mixed states. As simple examples, we(More)