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How much effort will be required to compose or reuse simulations? What factors need to be considered? It is generally known that composability and reusability are daunting challenges for both simulations and more broadly software design as a whole. We have conducted a small case study in order to clarify the role that model context plays in simulation(More)
The authors present the results of experiments performed to identify the pitfalls of performing 'bad' transient analysis when estimating steady-state parameters via the method of independent replications. The intention was to demonstrate to students that failure to delete transient data may lead to confidence intervals that underestimate steady-state(More)
We present the results of coverage tests performed to validate our preliminary analysis indicating that determining 'appropriate' run length is more important for obtaining coverage than performing 'proper' transient analysis. Our preliminary experiment was designed with the intention of showing students the pitfalls of performing 'bad' transient analysis(More)
The WebSys project has developed a method for robustness assessment, using the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis on use cases, modified by introducing a set of robustness stereotypes developed by I. Jacobson. The paper gives a short presentation of the method and show how it can be applied by assessing the robustness of two systems. We then show that the(More)
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