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The present study investigates patients' opinion on what constitutes good psychiatric care. It was a qualitative study using an open-ended in-depth interview centering on the patient's experiences of receiving psychiatric care. The subjects were selected to ensure maximum variation and heterogeneity. A model of deliberate sampling for heterogeneity and a(More)
OBJECTIVE The study investigated how patients in a psychiatric in-patient ward perceived the therapeutic relationship and the ward atmosphere, the interrelationships between these phenomena, and whether demographic and clinical factors had an influence on the helping alliance. DESIGN This was an explorative study in a natural setting. A correlational and(More)
BACKGROUND The study examined client factors of relevance in the establishment of helping alliance and in the prediction of dropout from a routine psychiatric setting admitting a variety of diagnoses and staffed with a multiprofessional team. METHOD Newly admitted patients (n=122) and staff completed questionnaires regarding helping alliance, and the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the importance of the therapeutic alliance in a routine psychiatric out-patient unit regarding treatment outcome and the influence of patient factors. DESIGN The study had a naturalistic and longitudinal design where the treatments the patient received were determined by the normal routines at the unit and were performed(More)
BACKGROUND Panic disorder with or without agoraphobia is a commonly occurring disorder affecting 2 to 3% of the population in Sweden. Untreated, panic disorder is a chronic condition that significantly increases the risk for psychiatric comorbidity, morbidity and mortality, employment difficulties, and healthcare utilization. Cognitive behavioral approaches(More)
Kommuner och Landsting) represents the governmental, professional and employer related interests of Sweden's municipalities, county councils and regions (http://english.skl.se/) SM Single Mothers SRA The Social Resource Administration-is one administrative department in Malmö, with responsibility to provide funding support to those voluntary organizations(More)
The present study focuses on how patients diagnosed with psychosis deal with a conflicting situation. In the study, two groups of patients were assessed. One group consisted of patients diagnosed with psychosis (n = 41), while the comparison group (n = 135) consisted of inpatients diagnosed either with anorexia nervosa or with bulimia nervosa. The groups(More)
This thesis describes an approach to do post-compile tuning on computer programs in an attempt to increase their execution speed, directed at 32-bit executables for the Intel x86 platform running GNU/Linux or Windows. The plan is to first read the executable file, disassemble the instructions and analyse them to recover the information that was lost after(More)