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H.264/AVC intra-frame encoding contains several computation-intensive coding tools that form a long data dependency loop that is difficult to speed up. In this paper, we present a low-power and high-performance H.264/AVC intra-frame encoder. We propose several novel approaches to alleviate the performance bottleneck caused by the long data dependency loop(More)
 The vagal nerve trunk in the mediastinum of mammals divides into two main branches, the thoracic vagus nerve and the recurrent laryngeal nerve, in which the sensory nerve axons are largely involved in neurogenic inflammation in the tracheobronchial airways. A previous study demonstrated that cutting the right-side thoracic vagus nerve but not the recurrent(More)
Quantum algorithms standardly use two techniques: Fourier transforms [1] and amplitude amplification. The Grover search algorithm is based on the latter. The problem addressed by the Grover algorithm is to find a marked term (or target term in [2]) in an unsorted database of size N . To accomplish this, a quantum computer needs O (√ N ) queries using the(More)
This paper studies the linear matrix inequality (LMI)-based fuzzy control of a self-balancing two-wheeled robot using particle swarm optimization (PSO). The Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy dynamical model has been established for the equation of motion of self-balancing two-wheeled robot. The proposed novel LMI-based PSO algorithm not only stabilizes the(More)
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