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This paper proposes a method for fused navigation of an unmanned marine surface vehicle (UMSV). The method also detects the outlier and interference of global positioning system (GPS) simultaneously. The method fuses available sensor measurements through extended Kalman filter (EKF) to find the location and attitude of the vehicle. The method uses error(More)
This paper reports development of a direct drive thruster for underwater vehicles. The direct drive thruster does not use mechanical gear and magnetic coupling for torque transmission to propeller. Therefore it generates less magnetic distortion than usual electrical thrusters which use magnetic coupling. Many underwater robots use magnetic field for(More)
This paper describes a localization method of an underwater vehicle. The method uses the measurements from Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), depth sensor, and Doppler velocity log (DVL). Generally, AHRS has been used for attitude estimation, and the velocity by the DVL is transformed to the velocity in Earth fixed coordinate system using the(More)
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