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We have fabricated a quarter-wave plate from a single layer of birefringent electric split-ring resonators (ELC). For comparison, an appropriately scaled double layer meanderline structure was fabricated. At the design frequency of 639 GHz, the ELC structure achieves 99.9% circular polarization while the meanderline achieves 99.6%. The me-anderline displays(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Many authors have reported the increase in vertebral body height after vertebroplasty; if the fractured vertebrae are mobile, we should be able to demonstrate their mobility in radiographs. The purpose of this study was to discover the diagnostic value of dynamic radiographs and the percentage of mobile vertebrae in painful VCFs. (More)
Transformation optics is a recently appreciated methodology for the design of complex media that control the propagation of electromagnetic and other types of waves. The transformation optical technique involves the use of coordinate transformations applied to some region of space, providing a conceptual means to redirect the flow of waves. Successfully(More)
We present a new technique for the design of transformation-optics devices based on large-scale optimization to achieve the optimal effective isotropic dielectric materials within prescribed index bounds, which is computationally cheap because transformation optics circumvents the need to solve Maxwell's equations at each step. We apply this technique to(More)
Four-element modified uni-traveling-carrier (MUTC) photodiode arrays (PDA) flip-chip bonded onto transmission lines on AlN substrates are demonstrated. High RF output powers of 26.2 dBm and 21.0 dBm are achieved at 35 GHz and 48 GHz, respectively, using a PDA with 28-μm diameter photodiodes. A systematic comparison between a PDA with four 20 μm-diameter(More)
We demonstrate a metamaterials-based THz broadband polarization rotator which is able to rotate linearly polarized THz wave by 90 degree within a wide frequency range (0.44 to 0.76 THz). The device is characterized both theoretically and experimentally. Analyses show that the multiple-plasmon-resonance is the key for the broadband feature and the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Many authors have reported the increase in vertebral body height after vertebroplasty. However, McKiernan et al demonstrated dynamic mobility in patients who underwent vertebroplasty and concluded that any article that claims vertebral height restoration must control for the dynamic mobility of fractured vertebrae. The purpose of this(More)
  • Parabolic Quantum, Wells, I F Buersgens, G Acuna, C H Lang, S Manus +33 others
  • 2010
Shear force control for a terahertz near filed microscope " , Millimeter wave probing of the acoustic phase for concealed object detection " , Acoustic phase imaging with terahertz radiation " , Terahertz imaging of concealed objects by acoustic phase detection " , Mapping the acoustic phase with terahertz and millimeter wave techniques " , plasmons in(More)
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