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A 62-year-old man was admitted to our emergency department owing to prolonged chest pain that had lasted for 3 h. An electrocardiogram showed ST elevation in leads I, aVL, and V1-6, and the patient’s laboratory revealed elevated myocardial necrosis marker levels. Emergency coronary angiography showed total occlusion of the proximal left anterior descending(More)
A 4-fold-symmetry hexagonal Ru emerging in epitaxial MgO/Ru/Co2 FeAl/MgO heterostructures is reported, in which an approximately Ru(022¯3) growth attributes to the lattice matching between MgO, Ru, and Co2 FeAl. Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of the Co2 FeAl/MgO interface is substantially enhanced. The magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) incorporating this(More)
We fabricate CoFe/AlOx/CoFe/AlOx/CoFe ferromagnetic double tunnel junctions and observe spin-dependent tunneling phenomena. A middle CoFe layer becomes discontinuous by forming CoFe particles two dimensionally, of which the average diameter is evaluated to be 2.0-4.5 nm from cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy images. Below 50 K, a Coulomb gap(More)
Hollow particles, an important class of materials with large internal cavities and thin shells, present a wide range of potential applications, such as energy storage, chemical catalysis, photonics, and biomedical carriers. The properties of hollow particles are strongly affected by the compositions and exquisite nanostructures of the shell regions. Many(More)
Since the discovery of mesoporous silica in the 1990s, a significant increase in research focusing on the synthesis of mesoporous/mesostructured materials has been observed over the past two decades. Owing to their high surface area, mesoporous materials have played important roles in catalysis, separation, and biomedicine. In almost all the cases, however,(More)
We demonstrated monolithic integration of pseudo-spin-MOSFETs (PS-MOSFETs) using vendor-made MOSFETs fabricated in a low-cost multi-project wafer (MPW) product and lab-made magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs) formed on the topmost passivation film of the MPW chip. The tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) ratio of the fabricated MTJs strongly depended on the(More)
Fermi level tuning has been successfully demonstrated in Co-based full-Heusler alloy Co(2)FeAl(0.5)Si(0.5) (CFAS). The half-metallic band gap of CFAS was proved by the behavior of differential conductance of CFAS/(MgAl(2))O(x)/CoFe magnetic tunneling junctions with an unexplored crystalline (MgAl(2))O(x) barrier. CFAS exhibits the highest effective spin(More)
BACKGROUND Besides its potent plasma cholesterol-lowering activity, statin treatment has several other important effects, including lowering high-sensitive C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), levels, and stabilizing risk factors of atherosclerosis, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular events. Our aim in this study was to identify how intensive statin(More)
Nanoporous carbon particles with magnetic Co nanoparticles (Co/NPC particles) are synthesized by one-step carbonization of zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) crystals. After the carbonization, the original ZIF-67 shapes are preserved well. Fine magnetic Co nanoparticles are well dispersed in the nanoporous carbon matrix, with the result that the(More)