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The results of the investigations reported here show that contrary to expectations, the drop in mean arterial blood pressure (up to 57 mm Hg) during extracorporal circulation does not result in a simultaneous drop in intra-ocular pressure. Other factors, affect intra-ocular pressure during extracorporal circulation, causing it to rise. Postoperative studies(More)
The special way of infection of the lymphogenic osteomyelitis caused by trivial trauma is demonstrated in 4 cases. Germ ascension is done by lymphatics or fissures in the tissue, as it is well known in the panaritium ossale. The treatment consists in removing the focus of infection, irrigation-suction drainage and specific antibiotic therapy. Trivial trauma(More)
An aerosol of an aqueous solution still changes its size from development up to alveoli; therefore only conclusions can be made about possible sizes of particle spectrum. Volatilisation, condensation, coagulation and sedimentation are the important interfering factors. To characterize an aerosol one should know the aerosolvolume, the quantity of nebulised(More)
With help of an endotoxin-infusion-model an endotoxic shock was induced. It was possible with the demonstrated parameters to display in different ways the pulmonary and hemodynamic changes. The pathophysiology of the pulmonary hemodynamic was characterized by a marked rise in the difference of the alveolar-arterial oxygen partial pressure, of the pulmonary(More)
Anesthesia for surgical treatment of extensive floor of the mouth-neck phlegmons has a particularly high risk rate. The general condition of the patients to be treated is poorer; respiratory passages are constricted by inflammation-induced swelling. The resulting hypoxia is a main factor in the pluricausal origin of hyperreflexia. Three cases selected from(More)
Before, during and after gynaecological operations performed either in electroacupuncture or enflurane anaesthesia plasma-cortisol levels were determined and compared to each other. During stimulation and operation plasma-cortisol increased continuously, indicating elevated sympathetic tone, whereas with enflurane anaesthesia plasma-cortisol levels were(More)
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