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A 9-year-old horse had numerous firm, painless nodules of the skin and subcutis. Moderately vascular granulation tissue with numerous uni- or multinuclear reticuloendothelial cells was in the nodules and the regional lymph nodes but not in the viscera. By using special stains and electron microscopy, widespread amyloid deposits, mainly in the cytoplasm of(More)
Lung tumours are not common in domestic animals; there has not been the increase in epidermoid carcinomas and anaplastic small-cell carcinomas that has occurred in man this century. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type in animals. The biological behaviour of each type of tumour in animals seems to be much the same as in man. The tumours are described(More)
Tumours of the nasal cavity are rare in domestic animals, most cases occurring in the dog. Epithelial tumours are the most common type in carnivores (dogs and cats). In general, the same types of tumour occur in domestic animals as occur in man. There was no significant predisposition for breed in dogs, but in both dogs and cats far more males than females(More)