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Seventeen HBsAg assays, in use in the European market (CE-marked), were assessed for their diagnostic sensitivity using 38 commercially available seroconversion panels, and for their analytical sensitivity with the HBsAg ad and ay standards of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI). In addition, the ability to detect HBsAg mutants was investigated by means of 21(More)
Morphological revertants have been isolated from one line of adenovirus type 12-transformed hamster cells. This line, T637, is oncogenic in hamsters and contains multiple copies of the virus genome per cell. Different parts of the virus genome are represented in non-stoichiometric amounts and the virus DNA persists in the cells in an integrated form. The(More)
Simian adenovirus SA7 heated for 30 minutes at 70° C retained part of its ability to induce tumors in newborn hamsters. Tumors were also induced by DNA extracted from the heated virus. However, neither residual replicating, i.e. cytopathogenic, nor transforming and T-antigen-inducing activities could be detectedin vitro in CV-1 and hamster embryo cells(More)
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