H. Skulimowska

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In potassium-depolarized synaptosomes Ca2+ inhibited oxidation of pyruvate (30%) and decreased the level of acetyl-CoA in intrasynaptosomal mitochondria (32%). On the other hand, Ca2+ facilitated provision of acetyl-CoA to synaptoplasm, since under these condition no change of synaptoplasmic acetyl-CoA and twofold stimulation of acetylcholine synthesis were(More)
Using the cytoenzymatic method acid phosphatase was determined in peripheral blood neutrophils and lymphocytes in 25 patients with allergic eczema, 31 patients with eczema due to irritants and 18 clinically healthy subjects. In patients with allergic eczema the percent of neutrophils and lymphocytes containing acid phosphatase was decreased and the activity(More)
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