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Using a microinjection method (Rokkones et al. 1985) deoxyribonucleic acid was introduced into fertilized salmonid eggs. The survival rate after a 28 day period was 91% for injected eggs in comparison to non-injected controls. A gene construct containing the mouse metallothionein promoter fused to the human growth hormone structural gene was microinjected(More)
priori information can be used more efficiently and flexibly. In the present paper the relative efficiencies of four methods, two Blup versions, Contemporary Comparison and Least Squares, were investigated. For sires satisfying certain conditions two quasi-independent breeding values were estimated. The higher the correlation between these independent(More)
of the genetic and phenotypic correlations between different information from the lactation showed that the last test was the single information with the highest correlations with the unknown part of the lactation. Five different extention equations were compared : three ratio and two regression equations. The ratio equations were : i) a ratio extention of(More)
Es ist beschrieben worden, dass die Hormonaktivitetät der foetalen Plazenta die Euterent-wicklung während der Trächtighkeit stimuliert, und dass diese Stimulierung sich auch auf die Milchleistung nach dem Abkalben auswirkt. Bei der vorliegenden Untersuchung wird die Hypothese getestet, dass der Vater des Foetus auch auf die Milchleistung der betreffenden(More)
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