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The vertex cover, independent set and dominating set problems consist in determining whether an undirected graph G of n nodes admits a vertex cover, independent set and dominating set of k nodes respectively. This thesis is focused on these three fundamental N P-complete problems. For each one of them, we provide asymptotically faster (exponential-time)(More)
1. Introduction In the Base-Reduplicant Correspondence Theory (BRCT: McCarthy & Prince 1995) reduplication is induced by the presence of an abstract RED morpheme. The surface manifestation of this abstract RED morpheme is regulated by a set of faithfulness constraints (e.g., B(ase)-R(eduplicant) faithfulness, BR-anchoring etc.). However, recent work has(More)
In one of the great episodes of the show, Springfield enforces a prohibition on alcohol. All the typical economic consequences follow, including organized crime, violence, bootlegging, moonshining and speakeasies. Homer becomes a successful smuggler and moonshiner and is dubbed the Beer Baron. Ultimately prohibition is found to be counterproductive to the(More)
Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true. ABSTRACT Lyme neuroborreliosis, the infection of the nervous system by the tick-borne bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, is common in the temperate parts of the Northern hemisphere. Manifestations of the disease include facial palsy, radicular pain, sensory disturbances,(More)
This is the template file for the CD-rom proceedings of Mirage 2005. It was kindly provided by the organisers of the 2nd IEEE Benelux Signal Processing Symposium. This template has been generated from WASPAA 99 and ICASSP 2000 templates and aims at producing conference proceedings in electronic form. The format is essentially the one used for ICASSP(More)