H. Silverman

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d,l-Norephedrine (PPA) is available as an over-the-counter appetite suppressant and nasal decongestant in the U.S.A. The pseudoisomer d-norpseudoephedrine, is available as an appetite suppressant in Europe, and has been isolated as one of the stimulatory components (cathine) of the Khat plant. Some authors have misidentified cathine as PPA and this(More)
Phenytoin is known to reduce neural overactivity (pseudomyotonia) affecting the hind limb musculature in C57B1/6J dystrophic (dy2J/dy2J) mice. This study reports a change in the metabolic profile of superficial gastrocnemius muscle fibers from dy2J/dy2J animals after chronic phenytoin treatment. The superficial gastrocnemius muscle region from normal mice(More)
Let E ! P 1 be an elliptic surface deened over a number eld K, or equivalently an elliptic curve deened over K(T). In this note we prove, assuming Tate's conjecture, that the rank of E(K(T 1=n)) is bounded by F (E)d K (n), where F (E) is an explicit constant independent of n and d K (n) is an explicit elementary function. In particular, if K \ Q(d) = Q for(More)
The hind limb muscles of dy2J/dy2J mice appear more oxidative than normal hind limb muscles when assayed histochemically. In some cases, biochemical assay of oxidative capacity does not match histochemical data, and in some dy2J mice, particularly old animals, there appears to be a decline in biochemically assayed oxidative enzymes. The current study(More)