H. Siegler

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Development of the mutualistic arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) symbiosis between most land plants and fungi of the Glomeromycota is regulated by phytohormones. The role of jasmonate (JA) in AM colonization has been investigated in the dicotyledons Medicago truncatula, tomato and Nicotiana attenuata and contradicting results have been obtained with respect to a(More)
The central structure of the symbiotic association between plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi is the fungal arbuscule that delivers minerals to the plant. Our earlier transcriptome analyses identified two half-size ABCG transporters that displayed enhanced mRNA levels in mycorrhizal roots. We now show specific transcript accumulation in(More)
Forty-eight patients with nonrecurrent high risk Stage I and II malignant melanoma were treated with Vaccinia Melanoma Oncolysates (VMO). Six different dose levels and two different treatment regimens were tested. Thirty-two out of 48 patients completed the 12 months of therapy. Side effects were mild to moderate. Twenty-eight out of 48 patients remain free(More)
BACKGROUND Lobosphaera incisa (L. incisa) is an oleaginous microalga that stores triacylglycerol (TAG) rich in arachidonic acid in lipid bodies (LBs). This organelle is gaining attention in algal research, since evidence is accumulating that proteins attached to its surface fulfill important functions in TAG storage and metabolism. RESULTS Here, the(More)
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