H. Shakouri

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—The assessment of a theory is the main objective of scientists. Theories are always introduced by models, and model selection is applied to many various fields of scientific studies in order to corroborate or verify the theory as the winning one among a set of competing hypotheses. Different criteria are taken as bases to select one model among several(More)
A single fuzzy rule to smooth the sharpness of mixed data: Time and frequency domains analysis Abstract An essential part of any scientific study on any time series analysis depends strongly on availability of reliable data. It is a fact that experimental data records are always contaminated by inaccurate information, not only due to measurement errors but(More)
Keywords: Neural networks Time series analysis Data envelopment analysis Electricity consumption forecasting a b s t r a c t Due to various seasonal and monthly changes in electricity consumption and difficulties in modeling it with the conventional methods, a novel algorithm is proposed in this paper. This study presents an approach that uses Artificial(More)
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